Born: 6 September 1989

Birth place: Athens, Greece

Discipline: Freestyle but also speed, off piste and powder riding!

Sponsors: Frulite On The Go, Billabong, Ride, What’s Up, Von Zipper, Dakine, RocKit

Favorite spot: Parnassos

Idols: Whoever really enjoys what he/she’s doing

How many years have you been snowboarding? 14 years

Ideal destination: Somewhere with Mountains and Sea, Greece sounds good!

Favorite move: One foot tricks

Other sports: Skateboarding, surfing and S.U.P

What keeps you motivated: Health, positivity and the nature

Your most memorable moment: Many, most of them with friends having fun in a spot we built outside the ski slopes.

Biggest achievements


1st place on 1st Snowjam Weekend (Parnassos)

3d place at Helmos Team Battle (Kalavryta)

3d place at Fog Slopestyle (Vitsi)


3d place at Frulite OTG Jib Jam (Kalavryta)


2nd at Helmos Spring Rumble (Kalavryta)

3d at Frulite OTG Slopestyle event (Kalavryta)


Best trick at Homegrown Event (Kalavryta)

2nd at Parkoluna- Jib (Vasilitsa)


1st at God Damn (Thermi, Thessaloniki)


3d at Volcom Peanut Butter (Parnassos)

2nd at 1st Snowbored (Parnassos)

3d at 2nd Snowbored (Parnassos)

Antonis Latest Videos