Born: 28 February 1986

Birth place: Athens, Greece

Discipline: Climbing, snowboarding, surfing, martial arts

Sponsors: Black Diamond,Five Ten,Bluewater ropes, Sanuk Greece, Dimitriadis Action stores

How long have you been climbing? Since 23 years old. I might have been a bit old to start but I proved myself there is not such thing as I evolved very fast!

Indoors or outdoors? Outdoors 

Ideal climbing destination: Oh my god… Earth has a lot of hidden paradises.

Preferred climbing style: All around… Whether it’ s a small rock, a sport route, a big wall, deep water solo or a trad route in the mountain, they are all climbing and I love them all!

Climbing idols: Happy healthy climbers that dance on the rock as they dance in their life… with Harmony, Balance and Strength

Most memorable climbing moment: So many different routes and exciting places.. Maybe climbing The Salathe wall On El Cap in Yosemite, 7 days in a row, sleeping on the wall and playing music!

Other sports: Snowboarding-splitboarding, Surfing, Martial Arts

Biggest achievements

First Greek woman to climb 8a-8b+

Au revoir 8b+/c Pedeli Athens

Debout le morts 8a Onsight Kalymnos

Fun de chichunne 8a Onsight Kalymnos

Big wall climbs In Madagascar, Picos de Europa,
Mont Blanc, Cochamo in Chile & Yosemite

What keeps you motivated: Spinning life…Travelling to new places or places I already love.. Meeting fellow climbers ..Surprising myself and exploring even if it involves a great amount of suffering sometimes.. and being able to really Listen to my Heart.

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