Born: 26 April 1986

Birth place: Heraklion, Crete


Sponsors: Microxtreme, Nitro, NEFF, DVS,TSG,IS, RocKit Sport

How long have you been snowboarding? Since 2005, feels like it was just a few years back,hah!

Favorite mountain: Vasilitsa is the one I’m specially bonded with.

Idols: I don’t think I’ve got any, at least now, I drain my motivation from myself and a thousand different things.

Any trips abroad? Just a few because of low-budget issues… I had some good times in Livigno with a pretty cool deal and in Dachstein where even there we went camping.

Your most memorable moment: That’s a bit tough to decide…Here comes to my mind that season where we were sleeping in our cars while making wild survival adventures night after night in Vasilitsa, it was pure fun to the extreme.

Other sports: I’ve been skateboarding since I was 5, did my first backflip on my bmx a few years ago, started surfing and skimboarding in 2007, cliff & free diving, freeboarding and… the story goes like this, whatever makes me happy while achieving goals and combining knowledge…

What about that Manic Side, is it a network of crazy people around you? It’s a team of passionate close friends, dedicated to good times through action sports and arts. With a few words Manic Side is adrenaline,art,life,fun and freedom.

Competition Records


1st, 2015, “Vitsi Slopestyle Contest”

1st, 2015, “Parko’o’Luna” Vasilitsa

2nd, 2013, “Park’o’Luna” Vasilitsa

1st, 2012, Frulite “the Great Boarders” Parnassos

2nd, 2009, best trick “So you think you can jump” Kaimaktsalan


3rd, 2008, “Fun at the snowpark” Kaimaktsalan

3rd, 2008, “Jump n trick” Vasilitsa


2nd, 2010, “Pimp My Skate Festival” Giannena

3rd, 2010, “Pimp My Skate Festival

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